Monday, February 20, 2012

I won!

When I got home this weekend, after a busy and stressful week up at college, I was received with two amazing items: Girl Scout cookies, and a prize! What kind? Thin Mints, of course! Like there is any other kind.

Oh... you mean what kind of prize! :) While I was in Nashville for the NCBA, I walked around the trade show for a while by myself. It's always dangerous when I do that, because I like filling out random forms and talking to strangers. It is always easier to do this in a trade show setting alone, because most people like to keep moving and get free hats. (Yes, dad, I'm talking about you!)

Turns out, I won an awesome prize from the Beef Magazine booth! It is a book all about the history of the cowboy boot! I am just so excited! I made sure to tweet them to let them know I LOVED it! Even better, the card is stamped with BEEF in big red letters. Who doesn't love that? I am so excited to dig into my new book. It is called, what else, "The Cowboy Boot" and the credit goes to a lot of amazing people, such as David R. Stoecklein, the photographer. If you get a chance to read/look through this book, you need to take that opportunity. I would lend you mine, but I'm too busy lusting over these boots. :)


I'm off to volunteer for class, and I will be updating my blog about the Florida State Fair later! Thanks for reading, hope you have a great Monday!

God Bless,

One super excited Beef Queen!

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