Monday, February 20, 2012

I won!

When I got home this weekend, after a busy and stressful week up at college, I was received with two amazing items: Girl Scout cookies, and a prize! What kind? Thin Mints, of course! Like there is any other kind.

Oh... you mean what kind of prize! :) While I was in Nashville for the NCBA, I walked around the trade show for a while by myself. It's always dangerous when I do that, because I like filling out random forms and talking to strangers. It is always easier to do this in a trade show setting alone, because most people like to keep moving and get free hats. (Yes, dad, I'm talking about you!)

Turns out, I won an awesome prize from the Beef Magazine booth! It is a book all about the history of the cowboy boot! I am just so excited! I made sure to tweet them to let them know I LOVED it! Even better, the card is stamped with BEEF in big red letters. Who doesn't love that? I am so excited to dig into my new book. It is called, what else, "The Cowboy Boot" and the credit goes to a lot of amazing people, such as David R. Stoecklein, the photographer. If you get a chance to read/look through this book, you need to take that opportunity. I would lend you mine, but I'm too busy lusting over these boots. :)


I'm off to volunteer for class, and I will be updating my blog about the Florida State Fair later! Thanks for reading, hope you have a great Monday!

God Bless,

One super excited Beef Queen!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Yahoo, You're "Useless".

For my advertising class, we have been assigned to keep a blog of things that inspire us. My other blog is titled: "There's only one Kelly Davis" with the tag line "Don't check Facebook, there's like 500 imposters". I use it for pictures and quotes, but this was one of my recent blogs. One thing that inspires me is how the beef industry is utilizing social media. An article by Yahoo about careers offended a lot of aggies, and I had to blog about it. I realized that I hadn't blogged about it on my beef blog, so here goes! Enjoy :)

Way to go, Yahoo.
An article came out recently from Yahoo about the top "useless college degrees." Click here for the link:
This made many people angry, especially considering the above statistics. Within hours, all of my Facebook friends, and people around the country, were furious with Yahoo for approving something like this. Ridiculous. Blog posts that encourage agriculture as a career path followed, with great posts from groups like the National FFA Organization. They had a great response on their blog.
Hopefully, Yahoo will think twice before posting such an offensive article in the future. To say that such a huge part of our country is useless? Come on, Yahoo.

Pictures from Nashville!

At the NCBA convention trade show, there were beef-related items as far as the eye could see! I was in Heaven, and it was lovely. :)
Dad and I getting all dolled up for the Opry! We looked pretty spiffy! Mom looked really pretty, and I would have a picture of us on here, but it turns out dad didn't take a great one of us together. Jealousy, perhaps? :)
Standing in front of the CMT building!
Keith Urban in concert!!
Hanging out with Dan Sullivan and Amanda Radke of the MBA program. This was a special moment for me, because I felt like I was meeting celebrities!

I'll be posting more pictures as I receive them, still waiting on some group photos for our JFCA Team! :)

Florida, Sweet Florida

I'm back!

I have to say that Nashville was a great success. Sometimes, when I am at school or around people, and I'm talking about BEEF, I feel like I'm alone. This feeling leaves as soon as I jump online, of course, or if someone is with me and supporting the cause as well. I'm never ashamed, I just sometimes feel like I am the only one who cares. However, one of the best things about these conventions is that there are so many people who agree with what you are doing. Not only do they agree with you, they support you! Our conventions are like revivals. Once you leave, you are so pumped up and reminded why you do what you do!

The JFCA officer team ladies competed in the prepared speaking, and we also had a team for the quiz bowl and team marketing competitions. I am so proud of all of those who competed, and I know that the judges all had a really tough time making decisions. Our girls in prepared speaking all placed well, and we got 2nd in quiz bowl, while taking 1st in Team Marketing, for the third year in a row!

I loved Nashville, and it was a lot of fun getting to go around the downtown scene. My dad and I are both shocked that we didn't come home with record deals, but according to dad's Facebook update, "Leaving Nashville without a recording contract. This town wouldn't know talent if it kicked them in the face. LOL!" Well said, dad. We did get to take in a show at the Ryman (at the Opry, it's a previous location). It was actually a farewell for the building, as the stage floor was set to be replaced, and so it was a last performance. Keith Urban did an amazing job, but I have to say that I met some of the coolest people sitting beside and around us! I encouraged one gentlemen, a farmer from Kentucky who is a member of his Cattleman's Association, to become more involved! It was a fantastic evening.

It is hard to come home and sit through classes after networking and all that excitement, but I am trying to get through it! I am happy to be back in Florida, and I have realized that I really don't have a desire to live anywhere else. Even though our weather can be somewhat unpredictable, and the humidity can drive a frizzy-haired girl insane, it's where I want to live and raise my kids. It's where I want to farm and have pastures full of cow-calf pairs, and all that other stuff that comes along with it! Thanks for following, and have a safe and happy weekend!

The Beef Queen

There will be pictures to come, having some difficulty uploading.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The National Cattlemens Beef Association National Convention!

I was up super early this morning with mom and dad this morning so we could head up to the airport. That's right folks, we are headed to Nashville for the National Cattleman's Beef Association national convention!

"It's a crazy town full of neon dreams, everybody plays everybody sings. Hollywood with a touch of twang."
A big thanks to Jason Aldean for giving us a quote about Nashville! :)

This is my second time attending the NCBA national convention, and it's mom and dad's first. Excited for them to experience it! Coincidentally it is my first trip to Nashville, their second... but they way they talk they are practically locals. (Last year's convention was in Denver, CO.)

I'm so tired but so ready! We have a bunch of members coming up from Florida, and we have taken the youth championship titles for the past two years. Our kids thoroughly impressed me last year. Some of the other groups had egos, attitudes, and a lack of manners, which caught me off guard. We won everything in quiz bowl and team marketing, but we also displayed excellent showmanship. I credit our state and the counties, and the respective cattleman's associations with laying the groundwork for people to be even more awesome, and for everyone involved to be able to shine.

I'll be updating when we get home, and putting pictures up as I can. Have a great Wednesday, thanks for reading!

Your favorite Beef Queen!

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