Friday, February 10, 2012

Yahoo, You're "Useless".

For my advertising class, we have been assigned to keep a blog of things that inspire us. My other blog is titled: "There's only one Kelly Davis" with the tag line "Don't check Facebook, there's like 500 imposters". I use it for pictures and quotes, but this was one of my recent blogs. One thing that inspires me is how the beef industry is utilizing social media. An article by Yahoo about careers offended a lot of aggies, and I had to blog about it. I realized that I hadn't blogged about it on my beef blog, so here goes! Enjoy :)

Way to go, Yahoo.
An article came out recently from Yahoo about the top "useless college degrees." Click here for the link:
This made many people angry, especially considering the above statistics. Within hours, all of my Facebook friends, and people around the country, were furious with Yahoo for approving something like this. Ridiculous. Blog posts that encourage agriculture as a career path followed, with great posts from groups like the National FFA Organization. They had a great response on their blog.
Hopefully, Yahoo will think twice before posting such an offensive article in the future. To say that such a huge part of our country is useless? Come on, Yahoo.


  1. This is why you're awesome! I can't wait to see you in a couple weeks!

  2. HA! Thanks Love! See you soon! :)