Monday, December 12, 2011

FFA Sub-districts Competition

For those of you who know anything about FFA, you know that it is an awesome organization. I have always been a little more partial towards the Florida Cattlemen's Association, but I love FFA and the organization as a whole.

I have stayed involved in my county, as I am the Manatee County Cattlemen Sweetheart until May. (I was asked to represent our county again, as there were no other young women eligible to be the Sweetheart. Of course, I asked if I had to wear the crown, and then I said absolutely!) :)

Last week, my fellow bovine beauties and I were asked to help with the FFA Sub-districts competition. The bovine beauties group is a few of my close cattlewomen friends, that includes Ashley, the state sweetheart two years before me, also from my county, our county sweetheart the year before me, Jamie, and a few other young ladies (the current sweetheart, Kaitlyn, and our lovely little bovine, April from a neighboring county.)

Ashley, Jamie and I are known for being silly and having a lot of fun together. Ashley just recently got engaged and I can't wait to be a part of the wedding! She is marrying a local Ag teacher, and I like to say that they are a match made in Ag-Heaven. :) Jamie married a rodeo clown/day worker, and we are never short on laughs. When the three of us were asked to help via a facebook message from a local Ag teacher, we couldn't help but message back, "Are you sure?"

The competitions are always fun to watch and help with. I realized how much I missed competing in events such as extemporaneous and prepared speaking, and realized how much I didn't miss events like parliamentary procedure! There were many other portions such as tractor driving and saying the FFA Creed.

Each event is intense and extreme, and I am always impressed at the quality of youth involved. Everyone involved in FFA and the JFCA (Jr. Florida Cattlemen's Association) that I have come across are just wonderful kids. Polite, educated, energetic, and always asking questions with a curiosity that I hope they never outgrow.

The competitions were awesome as always, and I hated leaving the people to drive all the way back up to school. Congratulations to everyone involved, and thanks to everyone who helped, and who allowed me to help.

If you have a child, or are interested in an amazing group of people to become involved with and befriend, I encourage you to look to your local Cattlemen or FFA Chapters. Alumni are always appreciated, and volunteers are always welcome. You never know, you just might become an Ag-nerd like me!

Have a wonderful week!


The Beef Queen

Just Look At My Nails!

I, like many other women, have been sucked into the online world of If you are a woman who has any desire to be fashionable or crafty, this is a site you will love!

Thanks to two very crafty grandmothers, being creative is in my genes. I love to make things, scrapbook and play around with fashion. Even though we are cattlewomen, and we know how to work hard and get dirty, we can still look great while doing it. My first project inspired by this website was a small step into the nail art world. I don't have a desire to color my hair any crazy colors, because I want to look professional, but I do believe that nails can be a place for expression. Check it out!

I have received many compliments (thankfully) and I have found that not only is this a great way to showcase how much I love cows, but it is also a great way to jumpstart a conversation with people.

I had a gentlemen at work recently tell me that Agriculture is shrinking, that he did not believe that Florida was an agriculture state, and that I would have trouble finding a job. I tell myself that people like this are only trying to help, and in their own minds, they have seen it all and done everything.

However, if someone loves the industry enough to paint it on her nails, who is to say that she couldn't get a job and succeed in the industry? I believe I will get a job, and God willing, I will.

I hope that you are all inspired to get out there and craft, and as always, to tell people all about your life and your industry, and your passions. Passionate people make life so much more interesting! Have a great week everyone!!

Thanks for reading!

Yours always,

The Beef Queen