Monday, December 12, 2011

Just Look At My Nails!

I, like many other women, have been sucked into the online world of If you are a woman who has any desire to be fashionable or crafty, this is a site you will love!

Thanks to two very crafty grandmothers, being creative is in my genes. I love to make things, scrapbook and play around with fashion. Even though we are cattlewomen, and we know how to work hard and get dirty, we can still look great while doing it. My first project inspired by this website was a small step into the nail art world. I don't have a desire to color my hair any crazy colors, because I want to look professional, but I do believe that nails can be a place for expression. Check it out!

I have received many compliments (thankfully) and I have found that not only is this a great way to showcase how much I love cows, but it is also a great way to jumpstart a conversation with people.

I had a gentlemen at work recently tell me that Agriculture is shrinking, that he did not believe that Florida was an agriculture state, and that I would have trouble finding a job. I tell myself that people like this are only trying to help, and in their own minds, they have seen it all and done everything.

However, if someone loves the industry enough to paint it on her nails, who is to say that she couldn't get a job and succeed in the industry? I believe I will get a job, and God willing, I will.

I hope that you are all inspired to get out there and craft, and as always, to tell people all about your life and your industry, and your passions. Passionate people make life so much more interesting! Have a great week everyone!!

Thanks for reading!

Yours always,

The Beef Queen

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