Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Local Beef: Worth the Hype?

My cousins raise beef at a local farm in Bradenton, Florida. Their cattle are a Maine Angus/Simmental cross, and they make delicious burgers! The beef is sold at the King Ranch in Bradenton, and it is raised right at the ranch. Every season, the ranch hosts a "farm stand", similar to a farmer's market and many local people come out to enjoy the goodies and live music.

I love helping them sell the beef because even though I didn't raise it, I feel proud that local farms are offering people yet another way to enjoy beef in their daily routine. I took a few pictures, but the day was fairly busy as we sold burgers from 11am till people stopped coming! The burgers were made from the beef sold inside the refrigerated room at the small building near the entrance. There were also plants and honey for sale, with a number of other local food options. Dakin Dairy, a dairy based out of Myakka city, sells milk there, as well as at the local Publix supermarkets, which we are super proud of as well.

I love burgers as much as the next person, and you can't beat a locally grown burger. They tend to be a little more expensive, as they take longer to raise and produce, but it sure is worth it. Local is a way to go!

A very happy customer,

The beef queen
My manicure. Had to go all out!

Posing for a pic while Gene does all the work cooking :)

The stand has a room with a fridge, where all the meat is kept, along with informational materials!

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