Monday, April 23, 2012

Beef is Beef is Beef is Beef

Check out the photo below concerning the most recent attack on beef. There are so many rumors and misleading tidbits flying around about ground beef, and I have been working to do my part to dispel the myths. I always say that we have to educate ourselves before speaking. Don't speak without researching! Stay informed, and trust that beef raised and produced in the United States is healthy and nutritious! It goes through many rigorous tests and has to meet very strict standards, which are set by the FDA and the USDA. I have been speaking about #beefisbeef on twitter, and have commented on several articles and websites. We have to work together as producers to let people know beef is safe, and stay consistent in our message and with our facts. I would love to hear your thoughts, Lord knows my whole college campus has heard mine! Keep eating that beef, and stay healthy!
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