Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A year as Sweetheart

Hey there! My name is Kelly and I am proud to say that I served this past year as the Florida Cattlemen's Association state Sweetheart. I fell in love with the beef industry at an early age, and it was my pleasure to serve such an amazing postition in the association. Throughout my life-changing year, I have been truly blessed and deeply humbled. I have met amazing people that I am proud to call my friends, and I have had some AWESOME adventures!!

I plan on continuing my quest to help give a voice to those farmers and ranchers who have kept agricutlure as amazing as it is, and continue to do what they do. They feed the world, the least we can do is make sure they are represented fairly! I am passionate against animal rights organizations such as PETA or the HSUS (humane society of the United States) and if you follow this blog, you will soon learn why!!

Beef producers treat their animals well (a healthy cow is a happy cow), and we strive to produce an awesome and safe product, that is also nutritous and delicious! I look forward to this new chapter in my life, as I try "freelance advocacy" for a while.... Wish me luck! :)

Enjoy the pics!

My niece Madisyn is growing like a weed!

The whole family after I won the title at the FCA convention last year!

 Outside the Kentucky Blue Grass Airport... had to dress for the occasion. Made a lot of friends on the flight home that day! :)
Tammie McElroy, Myself, and Lindsey John in front of the Kentucky Horse Park. We were all volunteering at the World Equestrian Games for the Animal Agriculture Alliance booth. It was a fun time, and Lindsey (my mentor) and I had fun meeting people from all over the world, including Mrs. Tammie (from California)!! I loved Kentucky, but it was so cold that I was happy to get back to good old Florida.
Here I am at the state fair with Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam! He is super nice in person and I enjoyed having the chance to chase him down and ask for a picture! :)

Sometimes living out in the country = slow internet connectivity, which then = forever to upload pictures to your new blog!!

Ill post more later. Thanks for checking out this blog! I hope to write regularly on all things beef! If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me! I would love to be your source for information, and I find that any time I am asked a question I don't know, not only do I get to reach out and ask someone really cool, I end up learning a lot!! :)

Thanks, talk to you all soon, and God Bless!!

The Beef Queen

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