Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A few more pictures from my year as FCA Sweetheart!

As I mentioned at the end of my first blog, a few pictures wouldn't upload, due to that lovely slow internet connection out in the sticks.
Here are a few more from my travels this year... enjoy!
(Throughout this upcoming year I will be adding pictures throughout my blogs- I love when books have pictures, and I figure the same applies to blogging!) ;)
While helping out at the World Equestrian Games (only held every 4 years, the "horse olympics" was held in the US for the very first time in the history of the Games.) We were representing the Animal Agriculture Alliance. The FL Cattlewomen are very involved in this organization.

I made some new friends.....

 Us girls standing in front of the Secretariat memorial. This was right around the release of the movie, and the original jockey was signing autographs. I had him sign a AAA (Animal Ag Alliance) brochure. :)

I was able to accompany our Jr Cattlemen's Association to Denver Colorado. This is where the National Cattlemen's Beef Association headquarters are. Our youth team has taken first place in the NATION for quiz bowl, an beef-related academic contest, and Team Marketing, which is a mock-sale of cattle, for the past three years!!! Whooo-hooo!! I was so proud. Not only were our youths brilliant, but they were so well-behaved!! I was proud to hang out with them.
Above - Team members and FCA president Jim Strickland

The two above pictures are from a wonderful trip that I was able to take as Sweetheart. I visisted a lovely family in Collier County, and toured the ranch that they manage. The ranch is about 60,000 acres, and I can imagine every inch was as beautiful as these two pictures.

Dad and I at the FCA Convention this year.... Right before I had to give up my title.

Mom and I before dinner at the Convention.

My farewell speech, except that I wasn't really saying farewell, more like "Ohhhh I'll be around, don't worry". It was a nice way to finish off my year and thank everyone who has helped me out! I love them all!!

One of my closest friends Sara, who served as Polk County's Sweetheart in 2010.

I am so blessed, and I love to represent this industry. Here's to another great year!!

Aka "The beef queen"

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